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While the sun goes 'round
I'll still be found
Following the sound
Something's calling me
When the world goes drifting back to bed
Memories in my head
Wonders follow me


Harry Potter — Dumbledore’s Army

"Yeah, the DA’s good. Only let’s make it stand for Dumbledore’s Army, because that’s the Ministry’s worst fear, isn’t it?"

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John Mulaney telling the gospel in New In Town


for people who wanna see, the whole interview is here, elbow thing starts at 6:16. apparently the interviewer didn’t get the point ‘cuz she continued like “really, elbows?” and Chris and Scarlett gave more answers like “knees” “armpits”.

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First metalbender: woman.

First metalbending Avatar: woman.

Youngest airbending master: woman.

First Avatar of the Spirit Age: woman.

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Suddenly the world seems such a  p e r f e c t   p l a c e.
              Suddenly it moves with such a perfect g r a c e.

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